Good word of mouth wireless Bluetooth headset

Since the release of Apple’s Airports, the true wireless Bluetooth headset, known as the true wireless Bluetooth headset, is wirelessly connected from left to right. When you drive, you only need to activate one headset to save energy and power; when you move, activate two to meet the quality of high-quality stereo music, don’t worry about the danger of throwing into the earwire when you move. More perfect, charging is more convenient. Today we will recommend some real wireless headphones.

First: NineKa Lorena Bluetooth headset net red

The Nineka South Carolina Bluetooth headset has been one of the most popular sports Bluetooth headset brands since its launch. In terms of headphone quality and sound quality, South Carolina invited 20 European and American tuners. After 2 million repeated debugging, the sound quality was restored to a higher level, and the sound quality showed a strong and wide range, making the tenor dynamic and the bass strong. powerful.

The early technicians of this Bluetooth headset developed and debugged sports Bluetooth headsets from the beginning. They have provided sports headset customization for many domestic companies, and have rich technology and experience in R&D and sound quality debugging. Due to its sound quality and comfort, as well as practicality and durability, it is recommended by many sports and digital talents. Then, with the spread of word of mouth, more and more ordinary people also saw its value, so the sales volume also increased.

Second: 2OPoO-Free Bluetooth headset

This wireless Bluetooth headset features a low-power design that is equipped with a Qualcomm chip that can be used in conjunction with phones that support APT-X audio and supports high-pitched Bluetooth coded transmission. The headset supports Qualcomm CVC dual-mic noise reduction technology and True wireless stereo technology to greatly reduce latency. The headset unit can be used continuously for 4 hours, and the charging box can supply up to 10 hours for a total of 14 hours.

In terms of operational functions, the earphone holder is connected to the mobile phone, and the customer can trigger corresponding functions by using different tapping operations and wearing methods, such as calling a voice assistant, controlling music, and the like. The O-Free wireless Bluetooth headset also supports the included translation. Users can enter sentences in headphones or mobile phones to translate Chinese and English in real time through voice or text.

Third: Sony WF 1000 X

The biggest feature of the Sony wf-1000x is its noise reduction. Sony calls itself “noise reduction beans.” The appearance of the metal paint process, with black as the main color, the appearance is very scientific and technological. Wearing a friend who is more suitable for small ears, wearing a headset that feels like a traditional ear. In terms of endurance time, the noise-reducing beans can be used for 3 hours (noise reduction opening), the portable box can be used for 9 hours, and it can support fast charging. It can be used for 70 minutes in 15 minutes.

Fourth: Jeboran Elite 65T

Jiebolang combines active noise reduction technology with the passive noise reduction of the headphones itself, combined with four microphone noise reduction technologies to create professional-grade noise reduction technology for clear calls and listening. It also adjusts the noise reduction level and custom eq settings through the application. Meet the needs of multiple occasions. In terms of endurance, it takes about 5 hours for a single charge and about 15 hours for a single charge. In addition, it also has ip55 waterproof level and 2 years dustproof and waterproof period.

Fifth: Bose SoundSport Free

SoundportFree is designed with its classic shark fin silicone earplugs, which makes it comfortable and stable to wear for a long time, making it an ideal workout. Boss digital signal processing combines a volume-optimized equalizer with its own acoustic design to give the headphones a clear, complete, balanced sound. The IPX4 is waterproof and can be used for 5 hours at a time, and the portable charging box can be powered for an additional 10 hours. Bose also provides a program to track lost headphones without worrying about them.


Sports headphone – Sony WS413

Today I still recommend this sports headset – Sony WS413. It is definitely not the best sound effect, why recommend it? Listen to me to introduce to you:

First of all, rather than being a headset, it is better to say that it is an all-in-one MP3.

I was the first to buy because I started triathlon training and would need a long swim. I thought that if I had a waterproof earphone and could listen to music while swimming, it would not be beautiful.

I found a circle and found several problems. First of all, the headphones are waterproof, but with waterproof headphones, you have to solve the problem of waterproofing a mobile phone. This is very troublesome.

After searching for a long time, I really found a special version of the Apple nano player that can be waterproof. I can’t buy it at home, it seems that this demand is really small. I am ready to go to the United States to buy, but considering it, it is still a bit embarrassing. Where is this thing placed? Sandwiched on swimming trunks? And still, have to pay extra to buy a waterproof Bluetooth headset.

At this time, this Sony WS413 headset appeared! So I bought it for decisively, basically, the above problems are solved!

The only drawback is that the sound quality is more general, and swimming in the water is more compromised due to the sound in the water. However, I think that the sound quality itself is not suitable for sports, especially when riding a bicycle, the 涕m is not wearing headphones, entertainment is still in the second place in front of the safety of sports. Headphones that are particularly good at soundproofing and sound effects, I don’t think they are used for sports. Generally enough!

Another problem is that since it is an Mp3, the song needs to be imported by itself, and the song of 4 G is stored. Only a few simple buttons are used to switch the song. To find the song that you want to listen to, it is really A vast project.

Performance parameter

Charging time: 1.5 hours / Fast charging: 3 minutes to support playback for up to 60 minutes

Quality: about 32g

Water resistance / dustproof: IP65/IP68 (UEC 60529) is equivalent, need to swim earplugs (included)

Capacity: 4GB

Lifetime: (MP3 128Kbps) Environment mode on about 8 hours

The price is around $60 and the price should be acceptable to most people.

Here are a few sets of earphone plugs that are randomly presented, including waterproof earplugs for swimming. This can be used as a waterproof earplug when swimming. However, in running or fitness, you should change to ordinary earplugs. If you forget to change to waterproof earplugs when you are in the water, you will not hear anything!

In addition, here is an example of another headset. After long-term use, non-sports headphones will have such a tragedy. Sweating will make the soundproof cotton of the earphones soak, and sweating is inevitable!

Therefore, I still recommend that you do not use non-sports headphones to exercise in order to cherish your headphones.